PBB2: Missing Zeke and Jasmin

I miss watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 with two of the most controversial housemates, Ezekiel Dimaguila and Jasmin Engracia. They made viewing the 24/7 channel more, hmmm, palatable, since their very presence—if not their attitude—commanded the fans’ attention.

What I miss most about Zeke is the way he seemed to tick off some of the housemates, mostly the women, but still retain their favor. This was evident in the send off the housemates gave him where most of the female housemates cried their eyes out despite having very troubling memories of Zeke’s tongue-lashing, cockiness, and tactlessness.

Jasmin, on the other hand, stirred in us a sort of love you, hate you feeling. We hated the way she acted in the house, unleashing that volatile, immature side of hers on strangers she would have had shared more than three months of her life with. In the same light, we loved the way she stirred mixed emotions in the other housemates, ensuring an atmosphere of uncertainty in the now-dull house.

Yes, I miss the two evicted housemates … miss them so much that I’ve culled some photographs from the net. Want to see them? Turn the page …

Baby Zeke DJ Zeke

Zeke with Rhea

Want to see more of Jose Rizal’s long lost great-grandnephew? Try this link.

Jasmin in school Jasmin

Can’t get enough of the Diskarte Queen? Fire up your browser and click on this.


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