PBB2: ‘Unofficial’ Third Eviction Poll

Two days have come and gone since the “unofficial” Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 third eviction poll was started at the ABS-CBN discussion boards, and we see Gee-Ann leading the pack with 65.9 percent of the total 185 votes cast. On the other hand, Bodie has only garnered 7.6 percent, or roughly 14, of the votes.

There is an ongoing debate on the boards between those who believe the most boring housemate will get the boot come Saturday and those who think rich housemates have an edge in text votes no matter how boring he or she is. How about you? On which side do you belong? Do you think housemates who have moneyed families can affect the outcome of any vote?

I have labeled the poll as unofficial because, first, it’s not commissioned by ABS-CBN or any other entity or individual who has a direct interest on the show; and second, its sampling size does not reflect the true size and sentiments of the show’s fanbase and those that actually vote to save housemates from eviction. It does, however, promote good discussions on the merits—and demerits—of voting for your favorite housemates.


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