PBB2: Third Nomination Night Yields 4 Housemates

The best—and, of course, the worst—part of watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is right after a nomination night because the housemates, especially those being threatened with expulsion, are focusing more on putting up a good show for the viewers than being their usual boring selves. (I say boring because this past week, they’ve been nothing but, well, boring … dull … nigh lifeless).

Anyway, we have just witnessed something new on the show. Big Brother has just handed down verdicts and punishments for violations committed by some of the housemates. The penalty, of course, is automatic nomination. And by “something new,” I mean all nominees for this week are automatics, a precedent, if you ask me. Automatic nominations are nothing new. Having four automatic nominees in a single night, however—now that’s something.

Third Batch of PBB2 NomineesNow we—and the housemates who have been nominated—are playing into Big Brother’s hands. We have the power to save these housemates—Gee-Ann (third time on the block), Kian (second nomination), Dionne (is her luck running out?), and Bodie (who, in my opinion, is all but invisible to most viewers).

In the end, however, we will save all but one. Who will you save this week? My money’s on the first three. Sorry, Bodie … I feel you are, hmmm, how should I put this … a saling kit, or a “pretend housemate.” It’s not that I don’t like him. Hey, he’s a likeable person, I’m sure, but I just don’t feel his presence. What do you think?

Read about what ABS-CBN is calling an Easter Disaster and take part in the unofficial poll.


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