PBB2: Mickey, Nel engage in dance showdown

After the succesful performance of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Mickey Perz’s homeys, composed of Saicy, Dionne, Beatriz, Wendy, and Gee-Ann, at the activity area, the half-Pinoy, half-Austrian hip-hop aficionado got the surprise of his life when an unknown (at least to the hundreds of 24/7 viewers) man entered the area, jumped up on the stage, and joined in on the dancing.

It turned out that this man was another one of Kuya’s surprises—or maybe reward, since the performance was deemed that way. Who was our mystery guy? Why, he’s none other than Mickey’s bestfriend, who is also living in Switzerland.

What followed was one of the most emotionally charged scenes in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 history.

When Mickey emerged from the activity area, he was welcomed with cheering and applause from the other housemates. When they saw Mickey on the verge of tears, however, they put it upon themselves to cheer him up.

About an hour later, when the housemates were already in the house, the music they danced to in their short performance was being played. And Nel, ever the comic, started strutting to its beat, in a, well, effeminate sort of way. This prompted the housemates gathered in the living room to prod Mickey and Nel into a dance showdown, which our housemate from Switzerland, at first, hesistantly obliged.

What ensued would go down in the annals of viewing history. Haha! It was hilarious, trust me. Hopefully, the guys down at ABS-CBN would show the footage in the primetime broadcast of the show.

Here’s ABS-CBN’s take on the events that transpired.

The video below shows Mickey in an audition back in Switzerland.

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