Holy Tuesday: Reflections on Faith

Heading towards Jerusalem –
an incredible risky thing for Jesus to do,
and in the eyes of his disciples,
it must have seemed as the height of foolishness.

Was Jesus tempted with every step to turn back?
Was he ever tempted to believe,
like the servant described by Isaiah ,
that he had laboured in vain,
that he had spent himself for nothing?

His humanity surely points
to him experiencing deep feelings
of agony and anguish,
but his confidence in the faithfulness
and empowerment of God
exceeded his human limitations.
Like the psalmist, it is through his hope
and trust in God that he finds
the strength he needs.

ISAIAH 49: 1-7; PSALM 71: 1-14

The cross, that instrument of shame, lies ahead for Jesus
a scandalous punishment reserved for condemned criminals,
the ultimate sign of human degradation and weakness.
And yet Paul declares that the cross reveals
what true wisdom and power are all about.
For it throws into question the accepted understanding of both.

The costly power of the cross is far removed
from the values of a world where power and wisdom
are linked to influence, control over others
success and prosperity.

Such costly power may appear foolish in the world’s eyes
but it demonstrates that faith does not depend
on human achievements,
on status or authority,
but on the wisdom, power and grace of God.

1 CORINTHIANS 1: 18-31

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