Holy Monday: Reflections on Love

The glad hosannas are no longer heard.
The shouting is over, the palms are gathered;
the shadows lengthen;
the plotting begins in earnest.
Knowing the outcome, we come with heavy hearts.

And what do we hear?
An unchanged and unchanging message of love;
God’s love, a poet’s love, a woman’s love.

God’s love, foretold by Isaiah, in the shape of a servant.

ISAIAH 42: 1-9

The poet’s love:
the psalmist writes
as one whose life is grounded in the grace of God.
The joy which undergirds the words of the psalm
sits uneasily with our knowledge of what lies ahead
and yet words such as these would surely have strengthened
Jesus’ resolve to tread the road towards the cross.

PSALM 36: 5-11

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