PBB2: Zeke’s eviction triggers grief in Dionne

The recent eviction of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Ezekiel Dimaguila has, understandably, caused grief among the remaining housemates. None of them, however, could truly grieve more than Dionne.

Dionne grievesAlthough I’ve said several times in past post on Pinoy Big Brother that I would never pass judgment on any housemate, I take exception in this instance. Dionne deserves a break from all that badmouthing going on at the Pinoy Big Brother 2 forum. She has a boyfriend, yes. She’s supposed to stay true to her beau, yes. She shouldn’t have flirted with Zeke, or with any other housemate for that matter, yes. Does she deserve the stones we throw at her on a daily basis? No.

She’s only human, subject to all the frailties human beings suffer from. And precisely because of these frailties, she loves and loves more; she cares and cares some more; and she bleeds at not only from the wounds caused by Zeke’s rejection (or panlalaglag, as some fans put it) but also, I’m sure (if she gets wind of all the flak against her on forums and from the mouths of self-styled moralists), from the stigma that only a person who has loved and lost can ever feel.

Read ABS-CBN’s take on the issue here.


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