‘Outbreak’ in Pinoy Big Brother house sickens me

PBB2 housemate Robert feigning sickness

I don’t know about other viewers of the highly popular Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, but I find the latest “drama” spreading through the ranks of the housemates—that of pretending to be sick—leaves me with little appetite to watch the show, even when there’s nothing else to watch on the boobtube.

Seeing the housemates feigning sickness sickens me. Why? Because it’s catchy—their katamaran, or laziness, I mean. It prompts me to change channels simply because it’s not worth watching them.

Let me cite an example. Last night, on 24/7, I was viewing Wendy, taking particular interest in her since she has become very unpopular on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forums. She was playing her role to the hilt, probably as instructed by Kuya. And because she wasn’t talking much, just sitting there, and even trying very hard to stop smiling or laughing, especially when Zeke sidled up to do his “Imeldific” performance, I just punched another button on the remote and settled on watching some other channel.

Whatever Big Brother has in store for the housemates, he better do it fast.

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