Dragonlance the Movie not

My parents are fans of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, creators and authors of one of the most successful fantasy-themed novels ever to grace the shelves of bookstores worldwide—the Dragonlance series.

Yes, they—my parents—are fans of fantasy books, especially those coming out of TSR, which has in recent years evolved into Wizards of the Coast (after a group of role-playing game fans bought into the company). Giant game and toy maker Hasbro later bought Wizards of the Coast.

Although they admire the works of Weis and Hickman, they could not possibly compare to the way a group of young Turks love Dragonlance, a game world of the famous (sometimes infamous) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons franchise.

Here’s an example of how far the boys have come in their fanaticism.

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