Top 10 Pay-to-Play MMORPGs in the World

Internet game review portal is maintaining a list of the world’s best massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The deciding factors include popularity, playability, expansions, value for the monthly subscription, and community support.

So, without further ado, here is’s Top 10 P2P MMORPGs:

1. World of Warcraft. The best MMORPG yet because WoW mixes the right amount of depth and simplicity better than any other game in the history of the genre.

2. Eve Online. The best science fiction MMORPG with player-run corporations and a thriving economy.

3. Final Fantasy XI. The second best fantasy MMORPG after WoW has a quality storyline, great gameplay, and large subscriber base.

4. City of Heroes/City of Villains. Combined, these two MMORPGs can be considered second best MMORPG for casual gamers. With the additional of the well-balanced villain types and the use of bases, City of Villains completes the potential that fans have been craving for ever since City of Heroes launched.

5. Dark Age of Camelot. One of the best major MMORPG for player-verus-player combat due to its three-realm system. This game has also remained one of the steadiest MMORPGs over the years in terms of quality.

6. Dungeons & Dragons Online. Instead of offering all the usual MMORPG features, such as PvP and item crafting, this game, instead, provides a high-quality gaming experience through well-written quests.

7. EverQuest. Although it never achieved the worldwide success that WoW has reached, this game was once the most dominant MMORPG in the United States.

8. ROSE Online. Formerly a free MMORPG, the now P2P game allows players to change the outcome of the game.

9. Saga of Ryzom. A lesser-known MMORPG with a great story and considerable freedom with how you develop your character.

10. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Aimed at more hardcore gamers than World of Warcraft, but has yet to reach its full potential. Could be higher up the list in a few months if the game continues to improve and add content.One ring to rule them all?


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  1. Your blog has been added to the 2k bloggers photo montage and directory. look towards the bottom to see yours.

  2. good to know ROSE is there…

  3. As long as Maplestory isn’t there. THANK GOD FOR THAT and I’m an atheist.

    • unfortunately, that wont get you into heaven, try cracking open a Bible and maybe you’ll see the truth in it

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  5. Rose is a FREE MMorpg Brainless Creature Got That?

    • Well, about two years before you posted your comment, and right at the time this article was written, Rose Online HAD BEEN pay to play.

      If you pay more attention, perhaps by actually reading and not just skimming, you might discover that you have brains, though probably not that big.

  6. un post interessant sa m’interresse, merci.

  7. No Warhammer Online? Fail. WAR should be included, definately…

  8. This web page won’t render correctly on my iphone 4 – you might wanna try and fix that

  9. You all look gay and are little nerd ball sucking pervs

  10. wow nice topic

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