PBB2 housemates smoking too much?

I found this on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forum. I’ve decided to repost it here not only to form a separate discussion on the topic for Ceskypooh’s World readers who are fans of the show but also because it piqued my curiosity.

“Is it just me or does anyone find it rather irritating that any free minute that Nel and/or Wendy has they just  have a need light up to have a quick yosi break? Why do they do it anyway? Can’t they utilize their time better? How many cartons of cigarettes does Ronnel have at his disposal in the first place?

“Credit to our Admin on this one but the PBB2 Rulebook states no smoking. Why is KUYA allowing this to continue?”

This was posted by TFC Godfather, one of the most prolific fans of the show and posters at the forum.

He also posted some of the rules in Big Brother’s house and highlighted the item “cigarette/cigars/tobacco” under the heading “You cannot bring in.”

That’s just it, you see. The rule never says the housemates cannot smoke inside the confines of Kuya’s house. It just says the housemates cannot BRING IN these items.

Just my two centavos’ worth and I am in no way advocating smoking. Any other comments? Post it here or go to TFC Godfather’s thread.

4 Responses

  1. yah i agree!
    pero ngaun ko lang nalaman ah na nakapagdala cla ng yosi sa loob ng bahay…
    masisira PBB nyan for sure…

  2. Wendy nilalamon mo lahat ng isinuka moh hahahahahah sinubuan you pa c bruce ikaw ang sumira ng reputasyon ni bRuce

  3. Gee_ann my friend in Assumption shes really a nice girl

  4. Wendy get out

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