PBB2 Eviction Poll: Gee-Ann leads, Beatriz lags, others falter

Gee-Ann: cheerleader no more As of this posting, the informal online poll for the second eviction night of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 has already garnered 360 votes, 32.2 percent of which went to Gee-Ann. This means, a lot of the respondents think the Assumptionista (because her alma mater is Assumption College) deserves to be saved from eviction. Eviction Imminent?

On the other hand, Beatriz, the lass from Bicol, only got the lowest share of the votes among the five nominees for eviction at 12.5 percent. Maybe she shouldn’t have answered that last call on Big Brother’s Big Red Phone. Will she be the next to receive Kuya’s bootprint on her hiny?

For those interested in either reading the comments of various fanatics of the show or participating in the poll to find out who will be saved and who will be kicked out, visit the official Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forum.



8 Responses

  1. gee-ann is not from miriam, she’s from assumption college in mkti…we belong to the same org…and i often see her around campus…

  2. she’s full-blooded assumptionista, not a miriamite

  3. My bad. I probably had too much earwax when the other housemates asked Gee-Ann where she went to school. My apologies. 😉

  4. […] If you are a follower of the television show, then the fact that Wendy is on the hot seat is no surprise to you. The two other nominees are Dionne, who some housemates view as a, well, harlot, and Saicy, the recipient of Mickey’s Judas Kiss (a consequence of answering the Big Red Phone). […]

  5. tanga kayo. sa miriam poh xa ng grade skool. hindi nyo ba nkita ung picture nya nung sa mother’s day special.

  6. @reenaprinXeXa

    Now, now. There’s no need to call other people names or for cussing. Educate us without the slur. Is that what you learned from school?

  7. OMG wla ka ba magulang reenaprinXeXa???
    naawa kami sau dahil mga points of view, opinions and some fact lang ang didiscuss dito…if you dont know the meaning we would like to help you or look for dictionary..
    kung naghahanap ka ng kaaway maling site dahil wala ka mapapala dito..
    better yet start looking for your parents and tell them to teach u right manners than wasting your time here…

  8. wendy get out

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