In case you haven’t noticed…

Just in case you—especially surfers who visit Ceskypooh’s World for gaming news, reviews and what-have-yous—haven’t noticed yet, I’ve put RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from two of the Philippines’ top gaming sites, GAME! Magazine and Hackenslash.

My goal in putting these on my site is not purely for commercial purposes (considering my dad is a writer for GAME! and a friend and colleague of Joey Alarilla, the editor of Hackenslash). Partly, it’s to give readers more information about the gaming world than even my limited knowledge and memory can handle.

Aside from gaming news, I’ve also added feeds from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Eleksyon 2007 site, since some of my readers—mostly relatives—are interested in the goings-on in the current campaign, and Pandora, an Internet radio site (which I blogged about earlier).

Of course, I also included the feed of the forum on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, which is admittedly getting special attention from me and my family.

Anyway, this is an appeal for all those who have come to, well, patronize Ceskypooh’s World to check out the sites feeding this blog and those blogs that link my community. My sincere thanks.

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