A night in the town with the Level Up! boys

My Level UpNow, before anyone reacts negatively with something like, “What’s a child, nay, a baby doing in the middle of Makati with a bunch of grown men?”, I’m not the one who went out with the Level Up! Games posse. Who else but my dad.

Starbucks Pacific Star was the first stop for our wayward group of adventurers, composed of:

  • Dada Joel (also known as JadziaDax [see how much he loves me … he keeps using my second name for his characters] in a host of online games, including Ragnarok Online, Fly For Fun, Rising Force Online, Myth War Online [not a Level Up! game] and Tantra Online [definitely not a Level Up! game]).
  • Jake San Diego (Level Up! Games’ marketing head honcho who Dad met in Cebu about a month before I was born. Dad says Jake the Snake is the man that makes things happen at the company). 
  • Carlo Ople (pRO brand manager who was formerly known as the uber blacksmith Waukeen but later decided to take the moniker “Waukster,” perhaps in an effort to make him sound cool).
  • Oneil Buena (Perfect World brand manager who I think should just drop his last name to make him more enigmatic and mysterious).
  • Mon Macutay (a.k.a. GM Tristan, the former overlord of Rune Midgard. Now, its just some guy calling himself the Waukster. Haha!)

So what did they talk about? Well, anything related to Level Up! Games, I suppose. From Ragnarok Online and how Waukeen (may the gods bless his ever-restless soul) went on a Level Up! bashing spree, to Perfect World and Oneil’s headaches.

Speaking of Perfect World, the closed-beta testing has been postponed again. For more details, hie on over to Oneil’s blog and give him all the attention he doesn’t need. Oh, before you give him migraines, it would be best to send him packets upon packets of painkillers … demerol should do the trick.

Before the group went up to this place the Level Up! boys call 6.5 (because it’s between the sixth and seventh floors of the Pacific Star Building on Buendia Avenue), Dada Joel and Jake’s conversation turned serious—something about placing advertisements in the game’s environment.

So up they went the five crazy adventurers to look for quality ale, and find it they did, along with loose tongues (The Waukster strikes again!) and big potbellies.

“It was a good night. I got to take home a shiny new toy. What is it? It’s a Ragnarok Online crusader figurine (or is it an action figure?). I wonder if I should sell it …” And so I immortalize my father’s words … Hahaha!

 More on the group’s crazy adventures once I get my dad out of his drunken stupor (Well, he’s not really drunk … just very busy).


3 Responses

  1. Hahaha yeah it was a fun night. We lost track of the time and I think when we went up to the office it was already past 9PM? Anyway, thanks for the visit man.

    Btw, what is said in 6.5, stays in 6.5. LOL.

  2. Hope we can do this again, Joel. I had lots of fun!!! Seeya next time…

    Oh… what do you mean “former” overlord of Midgrad? Hahaha 😛

  3. dropped the last name now.
    when you are you dropping by for another round of drinks?

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