The Bard’s Tale revisited

The Bard's Tale cover

I don’t really know what’s happening to my dad these days, considering he’s in Metro Manila or Balanga in Bataan (my MommyLo or paternal grandmother’s hometown) and Mama Joyce and I are in Palo, Leyte. One thing is sure, however. Whatever he’s up to, it involves games.

Last time we talked over Yahoo! Messenger, Dada Joel told me he was playing an old—and I mean very OLD—game. It’s called The Bard’s Tale, a game my dad played on his Apple IIc back in good ol’ 1985.

More on the game and how my dad managed to “resurrect” the bag of bones in a later post.

The Bard's Tale screenshot


One Response

  1. wala ko hilig sa mga game..
    mahilig lang ako magbasa, anything and sharing some comments and opinions..
    saka PBB adict po ko..
    saka mas marami pa ko nalalaman sa net keysa inabangan sila sa TV mga tunay nila ugali..
    hope you’ll reveal their true colors…

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