Ragnarok Online Episode 14: Hugel

Ragnarok Online HugelDada Joel has once again pulled off a writing masterpiece (it’s natural for me to brag about the man who sired me … c’mon) in GAME! Magazine. From PristonTale to Legend of Mir 2 to Supreme Destiny, now Dad writes about Ragnarok Online’s latest patch—Hugel.

Here’s my dad’s intro to the article that came out in the March issue of GAME! Magazine.

“There’s no other word to describe it. Ragnarok Online’s next episode—Hugel—is simply HUGE! What’s so great about Hugel? New quests, new dungeons and, most important of all, new playable character classes.”

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Oh, yeah, before I forget. My dad made a mistake by saying Hugel is Episode 15. According to Level Up! Games, it’s just Episode 14. Dad says, however, that he based the title from the data he got from his friends at Level Up! /heh

My AvatarIn an effort to keep Ragnarok Online interesting, Gravity—through local publisher Level Up! Games—is introducing two new character classes: the western Gunslinger and the eastern Ninja.

For more information on Ragnarok Online, please drop by Tito Waukeen’s blog.

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  1. Nice blog, Joel! Thanks for dropping by at the office today… had a great time. I already added you to my blog roll… pa add din? heheh

    Best regards to you and your family,
    GM T

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