Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Second Nomination Night

Well, the results are out. We are again faced with the extermination of the female housemates, almost the same as what happened in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (as far as I can remember, that is).

I’m talking about Pinoy Big Brother Season 2’s Second Nomination Night. As expected, Zeke and Dionne are on the list, due mostly to the fiasco I talked about in an earlier post. Zeke received the most votes at 13, while Dionne got 5—maybe because some housemates sympathized with her plight.

You see, when Big Brother called Zeke and Dionne to the confession room recently, he asked the two about what’s going on between them, particularly the (excessive) flirting. Dionne confessed that she liked Zeke. The man from Australia, on the other hand, dropped her like a hot log, saying he didn’t like Dionne and that her brand of flirting (playful scratching and biting, and lots of hugging) is annoying him.

Kapal (thick)! It’s as if Zeke doesn’t enjoy the attention and the physical sensations that Dionne’s flirting are offering. Men!

The other nominees for eviction are Beatriz (who got in the list automatically when she answered Kuya’s seventh call on that big red phone), Gee-Ann, and Wendy.

PP2 Nominated Housemates


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