It’s my birthday and I’ll …

… be wanting a few items to help me get through this game called life. Uhmmm, no, today is not my birthday. It’s on April 18 and I’d like to assure Dada Joel and Mama Joyce that the list I’m about to make isn’t intended as an ultimatum but rather as a wish list and hope of things to come.

What prompted me to make a wish list is a text message from Ayi Pepper, my paternal aunt, that she just got a shiny new laptop and an iPod to go with it. Gosh, it’s like winning a contest. How she got those items, however, shall remain a secret. 😛

Now … on to the list.

Nokia N93i

The first item is the Nokia N93i. What a beauty. I just hope that when my parents decide to buy me this (wink, wink), I won’t drop it like Mama’s unfortunate Nokia 6600 and Dada’s much-maligned stone-age mobile phone, the Nokia 8890 (it’s so Jurassic that Nokia’s website doesn’t feature it anymore).

So what does this baby do? It can shoot over 45 minutes of DVD quality video with its 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. It has an integrated FM radio and a RealPlayer media player with which you can download and play multimedia files, both video and music, stream these files from compatible media portals, and playback everything at a blink of an eye. To top it off, it also allows you to edit photographs and video clips. Whew!

Gateway Laptop 1 Gateway Laptop 2

Next, we have the Gateway Convertible Notebook. Ever since I almost—almost, mind you—spilled milk to Ninong Jasper‘s precious laptop, I, and I suppose my parents, have never stopped dreaming of owning one of these technological wonders. Heck, even Microsoft head honcho Bill Gates wanted one (well, I know he got one already with all the money he has).

As for what this laptop can do, I’ll turn you over to the product brochure since I’m not sure how to word a description for it properly.

“Get the edge with our Convertible Notebook. The power and mobility of a notebook combined with the flexibility and creativity of a tablet—that’s the Gateway® Convertible Notebook! Use the full-size keyboard and 14″ widescreen display for all your day-to-day computing needs. Or swivel and switch the display to tablet form, and start writing directly on the screen. Plus experience a breakthrough in mobile performance with Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology. Once you get the edge, there’s no going back. You’ll be instantly converted to our Convertible Notebook.” ‘Nuff said.

PlaygroundI am, of course, still a baby despite pretenses that I know more about what I’m writing about than the other kids who live around the block. So here we have what I’ve always dreamed of but couldn’t possibly ask my parents to buy because it’s just as expensive as the techie toys I featured above.

What is it? Why, it’s a Little Tikes® playground set, of course. It may look like wood but it’s actually durable plastic that the guys at Little Tikes® want to keep secret.

It has a big four-foot-high platform with an enclosed “fort,” for all those Cowboy and Indian games (puhleeese!), a multiple-station swing set (as if kids will understand all these technical mumbo-jumbo) composed of two swings and a two-person glider. Oooh, and it has a built-in sandbox!

This last entry on the list is just a stern reminder to Ninong JasperBeep! Beep!—that I still remember that bicycle he promised to buy me for Christmas. Hey, Godfather Jasper, my birthday’s nearing. So when are you going to buy me that shiny pink bicycle we saw at Market! Market!? Kidding! Kidding!

This product’s description: A futuristic Sit ‘n Ride two-in-one toy featuring smiling figures that can either sit on top of the activity car or be used on the playboard. Flip the seat down and it becomes a play area for the figures that can also be hidden behind the door at the rear. Each figure has a different-shaped base; round, square, or triangular. It also has a steering wheel with a turning key, electronic lights and sounds that activate by pressing four buttons.

Ahh, truly a wonder to behold. Oh, by the way, this toy is from Chicco.


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