Pinoy Big Brother’s Jasmin pulls through

No. Jasmin isn’t out of the woods yet. By “pull through,” I meant she’s finally getting along with the other housemates and finding the task of apologizing for whatever wrongs she may have committed easier.

And among those up for eviction tonight, she seems to be taking things in stride, perhaps accepting that whatever the outcome, she’ll forever be grateful for the experience—and the new friends—she has gained.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jasmin and the other nominees for eviction.

Jasmin Engracia


One Response

  1. Ano ky reson n big bro bkit me blik bhay box! for d sake of bruce wendy relationship b? cla dn sumira s rules nila, n d mkkblik cno mn housnm8 n lumbas s bhay w/n 24 hrs. y ung iba, ang reson ng pglabas dhil me skit o bumisita ng me skit pero 24 hrs lng, bkit c wendy wla reson at all ang pgblik, offer nmn cla blik bhay box! it seems dat mgt has favorites! syng load ng pag boto! ala kwenta suporting d show! pati ABSCBN nddmay dhil s favoritism. mahanap cla favorite hnd p pwd mging huwaran pilipina! khiyahiya! eeewwww!!!!!!!!!!1

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