PBB2: Zeke-Dionne fiasco

So the secret is out. I’ve been wondering about Big Brother’s intentions after he called all the housemates, sans Zeke and Dionne, to the confession room last night.

Now we know. Will Dionne’s actions—i.e. flirting heavily with Zeke—result in an automatic nomination come next week?

That’s a big maybe. Before we all condemn Dionne for what most viewers see as excessive flirting, we must all examine ourselves. As one of humanity’s greatest teachers once said, “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.”

Addendum: Whoah! This just in. The punishment for Dionne’s “inappropriate” behavior—flirting and, well, biting and scratching another housemate, in this case Zeke—is removal from Big Brother’s home.

Addendum 2: Less than four hours after the eviction of Jasmin and the uncertainty that hounds Dionne, the debate on whether Dionne is guilty of improper behavior on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 forums is raging like wildfire.

Let’s sample some comments, shall we?

Dionne is … Definitely NOT (guilty of improper behavior). Man, that Zeke guy has some REALLY BIG issues … grrr … Poor Dionne. If anyone should be kicked out of the house, it should be Zeke. Putek, kawawa naman ang Dionne ko. 😦 -from Inan.

There was no violence (Ceskypooh: Dionne is being charged of hurting Zeke because she bit and scratched him on several ocassions). Zeke was singing a different tune when the two were inside the confession room. Balak paalisin ng management (why can’t the “man” behind Big Brother decide for himself?) si Dionne dahil nasisira ang image ng PBB. Nung PBB1, bakit pinarusahan si Chx (by being ordered to stay away from Sam Milby) nung nag-lips to lips sila? Kasalanan ng editing team (which is headed by the overall head, of course) na ipalabas ang scene na iyon. Forced eviction is not fair for (sic) Dionne. (Hindi fair na pinarusahan si Chx.) “Fair” kung parurusahan si Dionne sa ginawa nya dahil on (sic) the Chx-Sam case, ganun ang ginawa (to which I don’t agree). Zeke is playing the game and he has not violated any house rule. Wait! Bakit hindi yata nabanggit ang pang-kikiss ni Zeke kay Dionne? Uyy, si kuya! -from Irvin.

Read more comments on the issue here.

One Response

  1. yaksss…… Zeke is a BIG YAKKSSSS

    tingnan niyo nga.. he is always playing safe..

    may lalaki bang ganoon? ewan ko, lalaki ba talaga cya? ahehehe.. joke only,,,,,,,

    but i love dionne.. go DIONNE!

    my vote is always for DIONNE…

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