Fighting a MYTHical WAR

My avatar bites the dust

Part of my Dada Joel’s job as a writer for Hinge Inquirer Publication’s GAME! Magazine is, of course, playing the games that he reviews.

After several failed, and mostly disheartening, attempts at registering an account for EVE Online, my Dad finally shoved it aside and went on downloading—and registering for—the next game on his list: Myth War Online.

As you can see from the screenshot posted above, he’s well into the game that the avatar he created for me, Malystryx, has perished several times already.

For more information about the game (which we think won’t, any time soon, be imported), visit its website or wait for the May issue of GAME! Magazine.


One Response

  1. sana c bea ang mananalo! xa pnka gus2 nmin d2 sa c gee an ,mikee at nel. ayaw na ayaw nmin tlaga ang bruce at wendy na yan! hindi xa sports sa loob ng bahay.. dapat lng na inominate xa nna bea at gee kc pangit ng ugali nya! puro sarili nya lang iniisip nya, kala nya xa lng yong maganda, Loss young naman! poke cnavhan lang xa ni toni na maganda eh 2maba na atay nya!na evict na kc xa dapat ni na xa mkasali sa big 4..sana lng mg boto tyo ng wais.. sana isali nyo sa boto nyo cna bea at gee..

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