Entrapment, Pinoy Big Brother Style

At the start of the week, Big Brother gave the housemates a new task to fail (I’m using “fail” because the housemates seem good at failing every weekly task assigned to them. No loss to us viewers, but the series of failures have resulted in grave cuts in the housemates’ budget).

The task: Conquer the string-and-bell maze in the shortest length of time possible. It’s not easy. I’ve seen the housemates in action and they, particularly Nel, are having a hard time moving through the maze of strings with bells attached. Dada Joel says the task reminds him of the movie Entrapment starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and wish-my-lolo-looks-that-good Sean Connery.


After four days of practicing, though, the housemates discovered that there’s more than meets the eye in this task. Around noon today, Kian emerged from Kuya’s hole and told his housemates the bad news—that they would have to finish the maze in 15 minutes and that any mistakes, meaning any bell-ringing, would result in a failure.

Sure, it’s a cakewalk, especially if you’ve worked your butt off memorizing each movement to keep your bulk and extremities from touching those strings—again, like Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie. But what if you have to go through the maze in darkness?

Catherine's butt

Before the housemates adjourned for lunch, Mickey had hinted that they might move through the maze in near darkness, with only UV (that’s ultraviolet) lights for illumination.

How will the housemates fare? We’ll find out tonight. Stay tuned.


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