Bizarre Love Triangle

I’m not much for drama, although I’ve watched and liked quite a few, especially those produced by ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

The drama inside Big Brother’s house, however, is an entirely different story. It keeps me riveted to the boobtube, day in and day out. The excitement is doubly fun because at my MommyLo’s house, Pinoy Big Brother is shown 24/7.

What’s keeping me glued to the television and the show, at least at present, is the ongoing love triangle of Gee-Ann, Ezekiel, and Dionne. In fairness to Gee-Ann, though, she has never mentioned—to Big Brother and to the madlang people—she may have for Zeke; well, maybe except for utter disdain for Zeke calling her “weak.”

As for Dionne, however, she admitted having feelings for Zeke. Despite lacking in intensity, the admission itself is causing distress among some housemates, particularly Gee-Ann. Now why is Gee-Ann reacting negatively to all those cuddle sessions between Zeke and Dionne.

The scenes involving Zeke and Dionne shown on primetime ABS-CBN are tame compared to those on Pinoy Big Brother 24/7—and I do mean TAME. Not that I’m complaining. From my point of view, Dionne and Zeke are only acting on basic instict. The only perceived problem is the fact that Dionne is hitched (not married but committed).

Confused Cesky Zeke

Dionne Gee-Ann

How this bizarre love triangle would play itself out remains to be seen. Well, if Gee-Ann gets evicted, a solution would be had. But who among us really wants Gee-Ann out when there are other unsavory housemates that are asking for the boot?

Let’s take a poll. Who’s in favor of a Zeke-Dionne love team? How about Zeke-Gee-Ann?

Before you decide, take a look at these videos of tender and intimate moments.


2 Responses

  1. if you claim you have 24/7, why do you say that gee-ann has for zeke when it is very obvious that she doesn’t. i mean, abscbn does edit the clips (for primetime tv) to make it seem like something is going on between them, but 24/7 shows that geeann doesn’t see zeke in that way. you talk about how intimate the clip of geeann and zeke is… didn’t you see the frown on geeann’s face when he held her hand? what’s obvious is zeke likes geeann, but definitely not the other way around. well, she did react on the cuddle sessions, but all of the housemates did. others definitely reacted way beyond the intensity that geeann did. i don’t know, but to me and a lot of people, we don’t see the point why others are making a deal out of these two housemates. we don’t see the connection at all. plus, it’s so obvious that geeann loves her boyfriend so much no matter what happened between them and she obviously wouldn’t do anything to disprove it despite the fact that she keeps talking about how the guy “has other girls.” what’s worth spending time on is the thing that’s going on between zeke and dionne. besides, sila ang bagay.

  2. I never said that Gee-Ann has a “thing” for Zeke. If you read more carefully, what I said is, and I quote, “In fairness to Gee-Ann, though, she has never mentioned—to Big Brother and to the madlang people—(what) she may have for Zeke; well, maybe except for utter disdain for Zeke calling her “weak.”

    As for the next statement, that Gee-Ann was reacting negatively to the Zeke-Dionne “cuddle sessions,” I merely guessed as Gee-Anan, at the time all of the cuddling was happening, had been such a mess.

    As for the “tender and intimate” moments, however, I guess I shouldn’t have bundled the video of Zeke pestering Gee-Ann with the one of Dionne “forcing” herself on Zeke.

    I’m sure Gee-Ann won’t feel slighted by what I wrote, as I made mention of her dislike of Zeke. I was, I admit, unfair to Dionne, who also has a boyfriend. But I draw the line at describing what I see on the show on a daily basis and will never pass judgment on any housemate for their actions.

    Well, except maybe for Jasmin, whom I have criticized heavily in her first few days in the house. But she seems to be faring better these days and I am slowly coming to, hmmm, accept her.

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