What did I miss?

Gosh! A lot has transpired while I—or rather Dada Joel and Mama Joyce—was preparing for my big trip to Mama’s home town of Palo, Leyte. Well, I’m now in this faraway land with my Mom while Dad ekes out a living in Metro Manila.

I sure missed a lot. Pinoy Big Brother, now on its second season (fourth, if you include the celebrity and the teen editions), had a good run in the past week, with two secret housemates getting the boot and four of our lovable housemates getting votes for eviction.

Jeremy, evicted secret housemate Mikah, evicted secret housemate Kian, Jasmin, Gee-Ann, Bea nominated

I’ll post more about my thoughts about Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 later.

Another event that has caused ripples of anxiety in Ceskypooh’s World is the postponement of the closed beta testing of Level Up! Games‘ Perfect World. I haven’t read the full details of what caused the delay, but those who are interested can hie off to the blog of Carlo Ople, a.k.a. Tito Waukeen.

Perfect World


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