Politics: Campaign shifts to Internet

A lot of people predicted that the Internet will become the preferred medium, replacing print and broadcast. But I guess nobody ever guessed it would come so soon.

The political campaign of some politicians have shifted from print and television advertisements to the Internet, with Genuine Opposition senatorial candidate Francis “Chiz” Escudero leading the pack.

Chiz’s face now dominates Friendster and YouTube, two of the most formidable media on the World Wide Web. I’m sure blogs aren’t far behind in the agenda of this young politician.

Please note that this entry is in no way a campaign pitch for Chiz but only an example of the potential of the Internet as a campaign tool. Heck, it’s not regulated, unlike print and television.

If you want to take a closer look at Chiz’s friendster, click here. This is, however, only one of his myriad accounts. I think he has 10, excluding the friendsters of his friends who are campaigning for him.

For videos of him on the campaign trail, check out the links below. One shows Chiz being interviewed by Inq7.net reporter Lira Dalangin.


2 Responses

  1. si wendy wla tlagang kwenta yan.hahahahaaha!………….halata naman na wala siyang pinag-aralan eh!cguro good moral na subject ng syay nag-aaral.oH bka absent sya ng tnu2ro un, ksi my baha sa lugar nla.hahahahaha………..

  2. ahh si wendy alinga2 na ba2he….abno na sa tapos nakatlan pa na……hahahaha!!!!!!!!

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