Of birthdays, anniversaries and fiestas

I’m turning two years old on April 18, and all I have to show for it is how much I’ve grown in the care of my Dada Joel and Mama Joyce. 😛

Less than a month from my birthday, two persons close to my heart will celebrate their own natal days, MommyLa (or maternal grandmother) Imelda and her son and my Mama’s brother, Uncle Jake. I have May 2 blocked in my calendar.

Incidentally, this year also marks my parents’ fourth and first year anniversaries. Fourth and first years? Let me explain. My parents have been together for four years already. They met in April 2003, in better times, in Bulacan. The rest of the story, although not lost in the annals of history, should be told at another time as it will take up most of the day to write. Hehe.

May 2 not only marks my maternal grandmum and uncles’ birthdays but also my parents first year together as husband and wife. Now, some of you may frown at the realization that my parents were wed a full year after I was born, but I am thankful, as it has made their bond stronger. They made it through rougher times as an “item” than an actual “couple.” I’m proud of you, Dada and Mama.

After all the celebrations to mark birthdays and anniversaries, MommyLa and Mama will need to focus their energies towards making the fiesta of their barangay, Baras in Palo, Leyte, a success. You see, MommyLa is the hermana mayor, and Mama, well, she’s helping out with the preparations, especially for those special side events to spice up the otherwise dull fiesta that will run from April 27 to May 6. For those with links to large companies that produce food or beverage, or those connected to philantrophists and, ehem, bigtime politicians who have nothing better to do with their money, please help MommyLa and Mama with donations from your deep … hearts.

Interested parties may contact Imelda Majadillas through 0920-6275649 or imajadillas@yahoo.com, or Joyce Majadillas-Tan at 0919-8221806 or joycem_tan@yahoo.com.ph.


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