Hell year begins

Yes, after a few months of brooding, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that this year—well, the rest of the year, that is—is going to be what I’ll call the Year of the Abyss. Nothing seems to go the way of prosperity. My eyesight is like Raistlin Majere’s (of Dragonlance fame), that everywhere I look, everything I look at, wilts, withers and dies.

Well, nobody ever said that moving to Manila would be a cakewalk. I for one find myself quoting this very line almost every day. Heck, I think about it in my sleep. I just find it so unfair that… haaay…. no sense sourgraping. I’ll just do what I do best… look for work, do my darned best to get on board, and earn.

I’m sorry, Cesky, for letting you down. Dada promises to turn everything around real soon.


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